Courtroom Scale
  • When you reach the point of no additional medical care being able to improve your condition, your health care provider will place you at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). At that time, your health care provider will determine the percentage, if any, of medical impairment caused by your injury.
  • This rating is based on a book issued by the American Medical Association that contains guidelines for health care providers to review when determining your rating, based on your medical circumstances. The percentage of impairment has monetary value.
  • When you reach MMI and are provided a Permanent Disability Rating, your temporary benefits will end.
  • You may opt to receive a settlement in one lump sum, subject to a modest discount, instead of receiving payments every two weeks over a lengthy period of time.
  • If we disagree with your health care provider’s impairment rating on the date of Maximum Medical Improvement, we can contest your claim by requesting a Division Independent Medical Examination (DIME).
  • There are time deadlines and limits when applying for a DIME. The DIME request gives you another opportunity for a health care provider to examine you and re-evaluate your medical condition. The health care provider will determine if you are at Maximum Medical Improvement and recommend the same or a different permanent disability rating.
John M. Connell

John M. Connell

Mr. Connell is a respected and experienced lawyer with more than 29 years of experience in the field, and has successfully handled thousands of claims on behalf of his clients.

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